Ingredient Chart

Ingredient Chart

I strive to educate others on what goes into the daily products they are using. Many of us are attracted to brands that have flashy advertising without being consciously aware. Do you ever stop and wonder what all of those fancy scientific names listed in the ingredients section really are? Trust me, I was blind to it all before too.

Many companies can say they are “cruelty-free” but their products still contain animal derived ingredients, meaning somewhere down the line an animal was still harmed to make those products. Once I started doing more research on these ingredients, I suddenly felt very disgusted that I was using these products on my skin and immediately looked for alternatives. I think you will be surprised as well.

Below is an easy guide for you to follow to ensure the next products you are buying are completely cruelty-free. I highlight the most common animal derived ingredients found in cosmetics/products but there are many more out there. I encourage you to read PETA’s full animal-ingredient list here as well.


Non-Vegan Ingredients

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Note: Many of these ingredients have derivatives as well, please read up on each ingredient to see the different names they go by. Some of these ingredients can be synthetically made or plant derived. It is always best to ask the company themselves to see where their ingredients come from.

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