BRÖÖ Hair Care Review

BRÖÖ Hair Care Review


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Hi friends! I know what you’re probably thinking, is this stuff really made from actual beer? Well, yes my friends, it is! BRÖÖ is a unique brand that specializes in vegan and cruelty-free hair care made with authentic craft beer. How cool is that?! When they reached out to me for a potential review I was very intrigued. Being someone who loves hair care and trying all kinds of different ingredients, I realized that beer has never been one of them. Naturally, I just had to take one for the team and check out it out! They were so kind to send me three different types of shampoo and conditioner so keep reading if you are interested in seeing how they panned out!

First off, what good does beer even do for your hair? As it turns out, a whole lot! Beer is full of B vitamins, proteins, and minerals that give your hair a natural shine and overall healthy look. BRÖÖ’s products are nothing short of amazing because they also include other clean ingredients that do wonders for your hair. Here’s a breakdown of the three different types of shampoo and conditioner that I tried:


Thickening: This set smells like an orange creamsicle to me which I LOVE! It creates a lot of volume and is perfect for people with fine hair. I happen to have kind of thick hair so this gave me that extra va va voom that everyone craves. Made with caffeine and aloe to help stimulate and soothe your scalp which really helped with my psoriasis too!


Moisturizing: My favorite of the three because my scalp is very dry and thirsty. This is a great option if you are in desperate need of some moisture! It smells sweet and florally with notes of lavender, geranium, shea butter, and ylang ylang. Yum!


Invigorating: The best option for those that love a wake-me-up in the shower. The minty-fresh scent not only sparks energy back into your life but it also does the same for your scalp and hair. Extra helpful for those that live in warm climates like I do because it leaves you feeling tingly and cool!

I really love how unique each of these BRÖÖ products are and how well they work too! My main concern was that I would smell like beer all day after washing my hair with it but the truth is that you don’t really smell it at all. My hair has dramatically improved over the course of trying out these products too so I can definitely vouch that they work well! Overall, I am super impressed with this brand and their products! I think that this is a great option for men especially that are hesitant to try out cruelty-free and vegan hair care. My boyfriend absolutely loves these after testing them out, so much so that I think he kind of stole them from me! Haha 🙂 If you want to check them out too, which I highly recommend, you can snag them on and at Walmart too! Comment below if/when you do try them out to let me know what you think!


Note: The products mentioned above were provided to me by a brand representative for review. Although I am not affiliated with the brand directly, I am affiliated with Target, and will earn a commission off of your purchase through my links. It is greatly appreciated! All thoughts and opinions are all honest and true as always. 

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