How to Compost Ft. BioBag

How to Compost Ft. BioBag

Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.


Hi friends! Today I have something a little different for you all and I hope you enjoy because I have been working on this for weeks! 🙂 For those of you at home that don’t already compost, I am going to teach you how easy it is to do and show you that it can be super fun! I recently teamed up with the brand BioBag to test out their Small 3 Gallon Food Scrap Bags and let me tell you, I am hooked!!

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BioBag makes a variety of biodegradable and compostable bags made from the material called Mater-Bi. Mater-Bi is comprised of bioplastics that are made from plant starches, vegetable oils, and compostable polymers so they will biodegrade over time. How neat?! Watch my YouTube video below to hear more about BioBag and composting at home:

To help you all get started with composting at home, I created two printable PDF’s for you. One of which is a Compost Checklist of what you need to compost and the other is Compost Steps on how to compost at home. I hope that you find this helpful!

As I mentioned in my YouTube video above, BioBag and I will be giving away a box of Small 3 Gallon Food Scrap Bags to 3 lucky winners! Just head to the video and leave me a comment and then the winners will be chosen at random in a few days. Don’t want to wait? You can purchase BioBags on Amazon here.

I am absolutely loving my BioBags and I can see that this is the way of the future! I take mine to the grocery store now and use them just about everywhere. We have drastically cut down on waste in our home as well as our use of plastic. Plus, we now have beautiful soil to use in our garden! Let me know down below if you compost and if you have picked up any neat tricks that you want to share! Happy composting!


Note: The product mentioned above was provided to me by a brand representative for review. My thoughts and opinions are all honest and true. This post contains Amazon affiliate links where I earn a small amount of money off of your purchase. Thank you for your support! 


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