Lime & Lotus Organics Lavender Sugar Scrub Review

Lime & Lotus Organics Lavender Sugar Scrub Review


Lime & Lotus Lavender Scrub

Hey friends! Today I have a special review for you all on the Lime & Lotus Organics Lavender Sugar Scrub! I am such a body scrub junkie that I really cannot have enough of them in my shower. When Lime & Lotus reached out to me and told me that their Lavender Sugar Scrub was vegan, I couldn’t wait to test it out! If you haven’t heard of Lime & Lotus Organics before, you’re in for a treat. They are an amazing Leaping Bunny certified company that aims to create beautiful products with ingredients that are all sourced naturally. Their mission is to educate and encourage others to really think about the ingredients that are in the products that they are using. I love that they stand for the belief that you don’t have to sacrifice quality for natural and cruelty-free products! They offer a small range of products as they are still growing and as for now, the only vegan products are the Organic Peppermint Face Toner & the Lavender Sugar Scrub. Keep reading to hear what I think about the Lavender Sugar Scrub!

First off, this arrives via Amazon, which I love! It was a super quick delivery and shipping is free if you are a Prime member! The size of the jar is pretty decent. I would say that it is comparable to the smaller LUSH jars, if you are familiar with those. As I said before, I am a scrub junkie, and this has lasted me a month now and I am about halfway through. They pack the jar pretty well so you get a lot of use out of it! Here’s what it looks like inside:

Lime & Lotus Lavender Scrub Inside

When I first opened up the jar, the scent of fresh lavender hit me. It’s not like that fake lavender scent either, you can tell that this is 100% pure! I was surprised to see that the scrub was dry as I am used to more liquidy-type of scrubs. After using it in the shower though, I quickly found out that it really isn’t dry at all! The essential oils instantly give it life when it hits your skin and the water. If you are someone who prefers more of a subtle scrub, this aint yo thang. This is definitely one of those nitty gritty type of scrubs that is going to pack a powerful punch! I have psoriasis so my skin is always thirsty and I was soo excited to see how nourished and smooth my skin was after just one use of this scrub! It really was amazing. Every time I use this scrub, I get the same results: super nourished, brighter, and more youthful looking skin!

The scent that lingers on your skin after using this is so heavenly too. I like to use it in the shower before bedtime as the lavender has a very calming effect. I don’t find the need to use any kind of lotion on my skin afterwards either as this is very hydrating on its own. Be careful using it in the shower/tub though because it does make the floor very slippery! I love using this scrub the day before I shave my legs to exfoliate the dead skin cells and open up my hair follicles. I can also see this being an amazing scrub for someone to use when taking off a sunless tanner or to exfoliate before doing a self-tan.

Overall, I am a huge fan. I’m really looking forward to seeing Lime & Lotus Organics grow and even more excited now that I have found a new favorite scrub! What’s even more exciting is that they are offering all of my followers a 20% off discount with code RRNICOLE until May 31st 2017! That puts the Lavender Sugar Scrub at only $10 plus free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member! That’s amazing and totally worth it!! 🙂 Let me know what you think of this product once you test it out! Happy shopping 🙂


Note: The product mentioned above was provided to me by a brand representative for review. My thoughts and opinions are all honest and true. I do not make a commission off of your purchase. 

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