Red Apple Lipstick NEW Blush Review

Red Apple Lipstick NEW Blush Review

Hi friends! As you may have heard already, Red Apple Lipstick came out with NEW blushes and a bronzer! The RAL team approached me about the product launch a few months back and mentioned that they wanted me to test out the purchasing process and the product itself once it set to release. I absolutely LOVE the way they set up the purchasing process for these blushes. If you head over to their website here you will get a better understanding of what I mean. Not only does RAL list out the attributes for each shade, but they also pair them with a skin tone that is most flattering. So when you go to select the best shade for you, you can see what it looks like on a real person and essentially see what it would look like on your skin. I think this is so neat and very helpful!

Based on my skin tone, they suggested that “Gotta Glow” would be my best match so I placed an order for that right away! RAL also came out with a universal “Sundrop Bronzer” that they generously provided to me for review, along with their blush brush. I have been testing them all out for the past few weeks and I’m finally ready to give you my thoughts!

First off, here is what they look like swatched on my arm:

I really love how subtle, yet extremely build-able, these blushes are. You definitely have to use a light hand when you dip your brush into the pan but for the most part, if you do accidentally go overboard, they blend out like a dream and can totally be fixed! The pan size is extremely generous at 1.9688 x .7813 x 1.9688in (a little bigger than a silver dollar.) A RAL rep mentioned that the shelf-life is 2yrs if kept well-shut so these babies can last you a longgg time! I will say that the only negative thing about these blushes is the kick-up as there is quite a lot when you dip your brush into the pan. That’s not a deal-breaker for me, but should definitely be noted.

My favorite part about these blushes? That they are vegan & gluten-free of course! It’s SO hard to find a nice quality pink/red blush that is vegan nowadays as most of them use carmine (poor little buggies!). I can tell that the ingredients are good quality too because I have not suffered from a single breakout!

I think the shade matcher on their website was spot-on as this compliments by skin tone very well. RAL has some helpful application videos on their YouTube Channel that you can view as well in case you need any tips. Personally, bronzer is always confusing to me so these videos really helped!

Speaking of bronzer, I was SO afraid that the Sundrop Bronzer was going to look orange on my skin but it doesn’t at all! It really looks so beautiful and gives the perfect shadow/contour/warmth that my skin needs when I wear a full face of makeup. I love that it gives that extra glowy feeling too if I want a more minimal makeup look instead.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of the blush and bronzer that I got to try from RAL and I encourage everyone to give it a chance too. So far, it’s the only blush and bronzer that I reach for in my makeup drawer and that’s definitely saying something!! Also, the RAL vegan blush brush is FANTASTIC! I really don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s SO soft and is the perfect applicator for their blush. You MUST grab that too if you are picking up a blush! 🙂

Have you tried the new RAL blushes? Let me know what you think of them!


Note: The products mentioned about were provided to me by a brand representative for review and this post contains affiliate links. My thoughts and opinions are all honest and true. 

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