Pine Brothers Vegan Throat Drops NEW Flavors Review

Pine Brothers Vegan Throat Drops NEW Flavors Review


Hello there! I hope today you are doing as well as you can, and if you aren’t feeling too well, then I have a solution for you! I recently teamed up with Pine Brothers (Pine Bros for short) to review their new throat drop flavors, Vitamin C Orange and Sugar Free Cherry. New to the Pine Bros brand? That’s okay, so was I, but after this review they certainly won’t be a stranger anymore! Pine Brothers have been around for 140 years (shocking!) and making consistently amazing throat soothing products ever since. Unlike your traditional cough drops, these are not hard little lozenges. Instead, they are a firm soft almost gummy-like texture that melt slowly in your mouth. The best part? They are completely all-natural, vegan (most flavors), AND gluten-free! Their key ingredient is glycerin that provides, what they call, the best ” Throat Coating Action (TCA),” which I can totally agree with!

Somewhat luckily, when I first received their package I was coming down with a cold and my throat was killing me. I decided to start off with the Vitamin C Orange flavor and it tasted absolutely amazing, just like fresh oranges, and it really did soothe my throat. After about an hour I was ready for a second one though and they definitely became addicting! It is important that I note that the packaging is a little different from what I was expecting because the throat drops are loose in the packaging and not individually wrapped. I just keep mine in a baggy though and I appreciate that they are not adding extra packaging unnecessarily.

Next, I tried out the Sugar Free Cherry throat drops which I felt I could guiltlessly keep eating being that they are sugar-free LOL. If you are a cherry lover, these will be your favorite! They are a little stronger than the Vitamin C Orange drops so it helped combat my very sore throat. They don’t have any kind of mentholy taste though so it wasn’t a bad strong. In fact, all of Pine Brothers’ products are free of medicines or questionable ingredients– truly ALL natural! Both flavors are truly delicious and I am now hooked on these throat drops. Another plus is they help soothe your mouth in general so you don’t have to save them for just sore throat days. Have a cut in your mouth that is hurting? Have allergies that cause your throat to itch? A singer? An actor? Pop a Pine Brothers throat drop! These are perfect for soothing your throat anytime. I can honestly say that I crave them throughout the day. It has basically replaced gum in my life because I can chew on them for a little bit before they fully dissolve (although they recommend letting it melt fully to soothe sore throats). I have successfully gotten everyone in my office at work hooked and if you would like to try them out for yourself, you can purchase them in the following locations:

Pine Brothers website

-Sugar Free Cherry: Harris Teeter, Harmon, & ShopRite

-Vitamin C Orange: Kinney Drug

*They are hoping to expand these new flavors to more locations soon and are working on an Amazon store too! Other flavors can be purchased in these different locations as well.

If you do check them out, please let me know your thoughts! I am excited to now have a vegan and all-natural throat soothing option and I am for sure a Pine Brothers customer for life.

On a different note, Pine Brothers also informed me of their fun new mobile app called Thumbopoly! Designed with women in mind, it’s a fun way to take a break out of your busy day and just unwind while playing a slot game that allows you to win brand name prizes and gift cards for FREE! All you have to do is play daily and keep earning points that can be turned into those gifts. I have been playing for a few days now and it is definitely addicting! When I have down time, I just sit there and bet my chances. I have yet to win something, but the idea of the game is awesome. If you are interested in their app, it is free and can be downloaded in the app store. Use my referral code: 5CcK05AZaP when you sign up! 🙂

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Note: The products mentioned above were provided to me by a brand representative. I was not paid to write this review, nor do I make a commission off of your purchase. My thoughts and opinions are all honest and true. 

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