Luca Chiara Philamenia Review

Luca Chiara Philamenia Review

If you haven’t already seen my recent Fall Favorites YouTube video then you are probably new to hearing about this! I recently was introduced to the brand, Luca Chiara from my fellow blogger friend, Nikki of Flying Through Water. I was soo excited when they contacted me for a collaboration review! They sent me this beautiful Philamenia clutch that is unlike your normal clutches. It is definitely a new favorite of mine. Keep reading to hear why!
First, let’s talk about the brand Luca Chiara. They are an Italian-inspired company residing in NY that aims to provide women and men with stylish, yet effective, wallets, handbags, shoes, and travel-friendly cases for your passport, phones, tablets, etc. You can take a look at their full range here. Their style is sleek and professional, something that I truly appreciate! And the material is very durable too. The Philamenia clutch is actually lined with steel (although it feels super soft) so it protects thefts from stealing your credit card chip info from afar. How cool is that?! I haven’t heard of any company doing something like that until Luca Chiara came around so bravo to them for thinking ahead! Their products are always man-made & vegan, earning them the PETA seal of approval. An all over win in my book!
I use my clutch as my everyday wallet because I carry a fairly large purse around which it fits perfectly in, but when I go out at night, I simply just use the clutch. It makes for an easy transition and most of their bags have a similar concept. For example, their travel bags come with a removable insert which you can purchase in various colors. This would be perfect for anyone who is on the go and wants a simple handbag change-up from day to night. Not to mention, it makes it much easier to clean your bag! I really love the weight of this clutch too, despite being steel lined, it is super light and very roomy! There is a multiple card sleeve, three inner pockets, and a zipper pocket too. I am able to fit everything I need in my wallet with room to spare so I am very pleased with that!
I have yet to spill something on it (it’s only a matter of time) but I can already tell this will be easy to spot clean too! In fact, all of their products are made with water-resistant nylon and water-repellent vegan leather so they should remain damage free for years. The outside material on the Philamenia is partially 100% cotton canvas which is generally quick and easy to clean if needed! Where these products are manufactured was important to me so that was the first question that I asked. A brand rep informed me that they are in fact manufactured in China in a good working condition factory which the team visited themselves. The reason for the product being made out of the US was actually for quality rather than cost, because it would have been cheaper for them to manufacture in the US. It was important that I know this information because I am trying to be more conscious about where my products are made and under what working conditions. Luca Chiara seems to be a stand up company that has the same ethics in mind while still providing customers with amazing products.
Overall, I am very impressed with the brand Luca Chiara and the lovely Philamenia clutch that they were so kind to share with me. I’m hoping to get my hands on the Weekender Bag soon and will be sure to post a review for you all! Lucy from CrueltyFreeLucy has it and says it is amazing for travel. And their shoes! Oh my goodness do those look awesome! I’ll definitely have to check those out soon. Keep in mind the holidays are around the corner and a Luca Chiara item might make the perfect gift! Currently, the Philamenia is on a severe discount for only $14.97! And the brand managers were so kind to offer my followers a 20% off coupon code: GRAB20 for all purchases.
If you do grab something, please let me know what you get! I hope you all enjoyed this review and if you are liking my lifestyle posts please let me know in the comments below. I have a quite a few more in the making over the next few weeks. 🙂
Note: The product mentioned in this review was provided to me by a brand rep. My thoughts and opinions are all 100% true. I am not paid to write this review, nor do I make a commission off of your purchases. 

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