100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick Review + NEW LAUNCH!

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick Review + NEW LAUNCH!

Note: This post contains affiliate links!


Woowie is that a mouthful of a title or what?! Today I am super delighted to not only share some awesome sales with you, but also my thoughts on the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick! And for the sake of this review, I’m just going to call it the Pomegranate Lipstick for short. 😉 If you missed my 100% Pure Haul on my YouTube Channel a few weeks ago, then be sure to check it out here. I talk a little bit about this lipstick, which I picked up in the shade Foxglove, and even do an arm swatch!

I have pretty much been wearing it non-stop ever since then so I think it’s safe to say I am in love. Not only does it smell (and taste) AH-MAZING but it is supppper hydrating and creamy. I was actually very surprised with how creamy it is! Dare I say it actually leaves a glossy finish? I am surprised with how much I actually enjoy that aspect of it because I am more of a matte lippy girl. The creaminess is actually what aids its anti-aging benefits because it leaves the lips plump and prevents wrinkling. The longevity of this product on your lips isn’t long though. One kiss or meal and it’s history but it can easily be reapplied often and doesn’t leave your lips dry at all. The shade Foxglove is pretty much everything. It’s actually the one product that inspired me to do a 100% Pure Haul because of the hype it has received. So much hype that it is currently sold out (womp womp) but good thing they restock often!

I highly recommend that you check out these Pomegranate Lipsticks! I certainly want to get one in every shade now haha. Know what is even more awesome? There is currently an October promo where with any Pomegranate Lipstick purchase you get a FREE mascara! How cool?!


I recommend the Maracuja Mascaras for all of my vegan followers. This promo lasts until the end of October.

Are you more of a matte lippy girl like I am? Well, I have some SUPER exciting news! 100% Pure is coming out with an entire NEW line of matte lipsticks! And the shades are simply STUNNING!


They are ALL vegan and made with the creamiest shea & cocoa butters and topped off with rice powder to create that perfect matte look. I can’t wait to get my hands on these and review them for you all! These babies launch TOMORROW 10/20/16 so be sure to grab them FAST here! Can’t wait to hear what you all buy and as always, feel free to message me for recommendations! Xo


Note: The product mentioned above was purchased and reviewed honestly by me. I am an affiliate for the brand mentioned above and I do receive a small commission off of your purchase when you use my affiliate links. Thank you so much for your support with my blog! 

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