YouTube Video Catch Up!

YouTube Video Catch Up!

Hi friends! If you haven’t heard already, I am now on YouTube! It has been SO much fun filming videos for you guys and adding this new aspect to my blogging career. I know sometimes it is easier for those to watch a video in an embedded post so I am going to try and update my blog weekly with the videos that I post each week.

Here are some that you may have missed over the past few weeks:

I have a few ideas up my sleeve for future videos but if you have any recommendations, I am all ears! I, of course, want to please my audience and give you content that you are actually interested in, so definitely let me know. 🙂 Please help spread the word on my Channel to all of your friends that love vegan & cruelty-free beauty! Keep an eye out every Sunday for new videos!


Note: Some videos embedded above contain affiliate products and affiliate links. 

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