Becca Cosmetics Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector Review

Becca Cosmetics Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector Review


Hi friends! I hope you all have been enjoying my new YouTube Channel and if you don’t know what the heck I am talking about, check it out here! I have been buzzing a lot lately about the Becca Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector in the shade Pistachio and I figured it was time that this product got its own full review. I know it’s early to say, but I really think this is a strong contender for favorite beauty find of 2016. Huge right?! This is definitely a top 5 product for me and here’s why: IT WORKS!

I feel like color correcting is a major¬†beauty trend this year and to be honest, it’s nothing new. I have been color correcting for years but nothing, I repeat, NOTHING compares to this Becca Colour Corrector. They recently launched (and by recent I mean a few months ago) four different colour (fancy) correcting shades that each work uniquely for correcting unwanted pigmentation on your skin. I tend to lean more towards the red/pink side on my skin, especially in breakout areas or under my eyes (which green is best for cancelling out), so I picked up the shade Pistachio. Knowing that it was a cream-based product, I was a little nervous to test it out against my oily skin. To my surprise, it worked out perfectly.

The consistency is rather thick and creamy but it thins out as you blend, and trust me, you’ll want to blend. I find it very nice under my eyes since I don’t have to apply too much force to get this product to cover nicely under there. What amazes me is how the correcting actually works. Once applied to the skin it is pretty green but then in a matter of seconds it absorbs to a natural color and the area instantly looks better. It’s freaking wizardry. I never have any issues with the green showing up unless I put it on an area that doesn’t really require “correcting” like an already balanced area of my face. I prefer to apply this with my fingers to targeted areas before applying any other makeup and I find that doing it this way is much more efficient than any other way I have tried. I think it does a fantastic job of correcting the area until the end of the day, and it lays flawlessly under layers of makeup. Seriously, I’m obsessed.

I was worried that the $30 price-tag for this tiny jar wasn’t going to live up to my hopes and dreams but it honestly truly has. I have also been using the same jar for a few months now with barely a dent so it really does last a while. If you are someone who suffers with any kind of unwanted skin pigmentation, I highly recommend checking out these products. Becca also has a chart that will help you match which corrector is best for your concerns. I can only speak for the shade Pistachio so if you have red areas that you want to correct, this will be your new best friend. If you haven’t checked out any of Becca’s products, you can currently find them in Ulta and Sephora or online. They are known for high-quality luxury makeup that is cruelty-free with many vegan options too! If you have tried any of the other pigments they sell, I would love to know your thoughts! Or any other Becca recommendations for me, let me know! Be sure to keep an eye out on my YouTube Channel for a tutorial using this product very soon.


Note: All products mentioned above were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 


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