Pacifica Beauty Coco Pure vs. Essential Makeup Removing Wipes

Pacifica Beauty Coco Pure vs. Essential Makeup Removing Wipes


Hi again! A while back I reviewed some makeup removing wipes that I was testing out at the time and today I wanted to revisit that conversation but focus on Pacifica Beauty Makeup Removing Wipes. In particular, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Coco Pure Makeup Removing Wipes and the Essential Makeup Removing Wipes. Let’s dive right in!

I have been using the Coco Pure Makeup Removing Wipes for quite a few months now after I found a really awesome Target deal during the Winter holiday season (they are Target exclusive). I was able to stock up on a few packs which has lasted me until about now. I absolutely love these wipes! They smell like fresh coconuts and are really thick and soft. They don’t break apart, even when I am trying to get stubborn eye makeup off, and they actually work really well! My favorite thing about them is how clean and fresh they leave my skin feeling. These wipes do NOT irritate my skin or eyes at ALL and also haven’t made me break out. They aren’t as effective as cleaning with a straight up oil based makeup remover, but they do get a lot of makeup off within the first try. I am someone that removes my makeup with a wipe right before hopping in the shower to do my normal skin cleansing routine so it isn’t as imperative for me to get ALL of my makeup off with just the wipe. These are great for touch ups too, if needed, and I really appreciate the size of the wipe as previous wipes I have used were rather small. All in all, these are great, simple, and definitely wipes that I will continue using!

The Essential Makeup Removing Wipes are ones that I grabbed recently from Pacifica’s website when I placed a big order. I saw them and thought, “Hey! I haven’t seen these or tried these or heard anyone talk about them!” So I figured I would take one for the team for those of you that ARE curious about these in comparison to the ever so popular Coco Pure wipes. These essentially have all of the same ingredients as the Coco Pure wipes BUT they also have jasmine as a key ingredient. I find it funny how ONE ingredient can change an entire product but it certainly can! Because of the jasmine infusion, these wipes are very sweet and florally. I normally don’t have a problem with that at all, as I love florally scents, but for me these are a little too sweet. I also don’t think they are as effective as the Coco Pure wipes for some reason. The size of the wipe and texture are both the same, yet the effectiveness of getting makeup off is not. My guess is that the other wipes are heavily infused with coconut which is naturally great at removing makeup in general and these ones aren’t so much. Who knows, I am not the person making the compounds but that is just my assumption. The other downside is that these have made my skin break out a few times and I kind of do feel a bit of a residue after using these but it isn’t so obvious that it bothers me. On the plus side though, they do not irritate my eyes at all. I really enjoy using the Essential wipes for swatch purposes, brush cleanups, and general skin refreshing when needed.

So, if I were to choose between the two different types of makeup removing wipes, the Coco Pure ones would win my heart over. I think that they are a fan favorite for a reason and Pacifica really made a great product there. And that isn’t to say that the Essential wipes aren’t great and all, it’s just that I prefer the Coco Pure ones more. What do you think? Have you tried them both? If not, which one do you think you would like more based off of my review? Comment below! 🙂


Note: All products mentioned above were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 

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