Southern Comforts Vegan Foaming Sugar Scrub Review

Southern Comforts Vegan Foaming Sugar Scrub Review


Hey guys! I am very excited to finally bring to you all a Southern Comforts review! I have been a fan of this brand for a few months now and have gotten to know the lovely owner, Allison, a little better thanks to social media. Southern Comforts is a fragrance line that started out on Etsy and has recently grown to have its own website! There are a ton of different scent options on the Southern Comforts site, as well as different product options too. If you are a perfume lover, you can grab samplers, roller balls, or balms of any fragrance. If you are like me, and more of a bath/shower product junky, then you can grab some bubble bath, whipped soap, sugar scrub, or shower gel. There are even options of beard oil, shaving cream, lotion, and hair care! Plus, there are a ton of fragrances to choose from in pretty much any of these product forms as well.

Since I am pretty picky with perfumes that I wear, I decided to try out the Vegan Foaming Sugar Scrub first. I picked up two scrubs in the scents, “Aunt Bessie’s Bunnies” & “Charlotte Sunshine.” Both of these scents were highly praised and seemed to have a description that fit my taste.

In regards to their fragrance: “Aunt Bessie’s Bunnies” was the first scrub that I tried and the smell was very unlike anything that I have previously tried, in a good way. To me, it smells kind of like grandma but like, grandma with a young spice to her. If that makes sense. I definitely could smell the marshmallow fluff to it and a hint of floral. This scent really did a great job of relaxing me in the shower and I love how it lingered on my skin even hours afterward. I found myself looking forward to my shower every night because I couldn’t wait for that smell! I don’t think it is a smell I would enjoy wearing all day, but I really do love it for the nighttime.

“Charlotte Sunshine” had a description that really hit home when I was purchasing these scrubs. I am a total sucker for anything gardenia scented and I absolutely love citrus smells as well. It sounded like the perfect blend of both! Upon receiving it, I immediately opened it up to see what the scent was like. Right off the bat, I could definitely smell the citrus and sweet tea hints. It took me a while to distinguish the gardenia fragrance but it is definitely in there. I think if you are someone that doesn’t like the full blown strong scent of gardenia, you would really like this. It is subtle, but still present enough to give it a feminine floral touch. This is definitely a fragrance I could see myself buying in perfume form!

In regards to product formula & performance: 

I am so obsessed with sugar scrubs it’s not even funny! I pretty much have tried them all… or so I thought. Holy cow guys this Foaming Sugar Scrub is beyond anything you can imagine. It’s like a scrub, yet it’s not. It’s more of a body whip, in my opinion, with the option to get a little exfoliation as well. It’s SUPER soft and lathers up pretty generously. I find that with a small to normal size amount of product you can cover pretty much your whole body. That means that the 4oz jars can last a few weeks! And I have found that I am getting just about 3-4 weeks usage out of these jars, which is great! I love how gentle the scrub actually is and as I said before, I am in love with the lingering scent afterwards. My body feels clean after using this product and I don’t find that it leaves any residue. My skin has been super soft and moisturized lately and I definitely have to give credit to this product! Here’s a quick peek inside:

soco inside


Overall, I think my intro to Southern Comforts was an excellent one. I do intend on checking out the shop again and picking up some other fragrances as well as reordering some Vegan Foaming Sugar Scrub as soon as I am done with the jar I am currently on. There are a few new Spring scents that were just released that sound divine! Be sure to check SoCo out on their etsy page and new website. The coupon code “crueltyfree15” gets you 15% off of your entire order! You can also follow their Instagram for any future coupon offers! Thanks for reading 🙂


Note: All products mentioned above were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 

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  1. This sounds amazing:). I love bath products too but ever since moving into this house I only have a shower…no tub…so haven’t been able to really enjoy some of the bath products I used to love indulging in! This could be right up my alley:)

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