Wet n Wild Beauty Vegan Product List Update

Wet n Wild Beauty Vegan Product List Update

Hi friends! After what felt like forever and NUMEROUS attempts to reach out to wet n wild beauty’s customer service team, I finally received an updated vegan product list!! They are undergoing some changes so I am not certain if this list has been finalized as it has yet to replace the old list on their website. PLEASE be sure to email them for any necessary double-checking that you want to do. 🙂

Updated vegan product list (with some shades listed as not vegan):

·         A106: To Reflect Shimmer Palette (A066 is not Vegan)

·         A106-A110: Glam Maker 8-in-1 Beauty Balm SPT 15

·         A852: Take On the Day Mattifying Powder

·         A114 – A116: Come Correct Celebrity Concealer

·         110, 112-115, 120, 121, 123: Perfect Pair Eye Wand; (111 is not vegan)

·         130-132, 134, 135: Idol Eyes Cream Shadow; (133 is not vegan)

·         CA130: Carbon My Reach

·         C138: MegaVolume Mascara

·         C139: MegaLength Mascara

·         C144: MegaPlump Mascara

·         C149: MegaClear Mascara

·         154-157: Color Icon Shimmer Eye Pencil

·         175-178: Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting Foundation

·         181A-184A: Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturizer

·         221C-238C: Fast Dry Nail Polish

·         C301A: Picture Perfect Setting Spray

·         309A-314A: Glassy Gloss Lip Gel

·         331: Color Icon Eyeshadow; (332-336 are not vegan)

·         346, 348: MegaGlo Illuminating Powder; (345 & 347 are not vegan)

·         351B – 357B: Color Icon Glitter Single

·         MegaShield SPF 15 Lip Color (362S, 363S, 368S are not vegan)

·         MegaSlicks Lip Gloss (552B and 556B not vegan)

·         401A – 454D: Wild Shine Nail Colors

·         505A-553B: Silk Finish Lipstick; (502A, 526B, 530C, 534A are not vegan)

·         560A-563B, 565C-578: MegaSlick Lip Gloss; (564A not vegan)

·         650D-663C: Brow & Eye Liner Pencil (discontinued)

·         All Color Icon Kohl Eyeliner Pencils are not vegan

·         Twin Eyeliner Pencils are not vegan

·         Photo Focus Lash Primer is not vegan

·         664C-666: Lipliner Pencil

·         690A-695A: MegaLast Retractable Eyeliner

·         745-749: Natural Blend Mineral Foundation and Mineral Veil

·         749A – 750A: MegaGlo Contouring Palette

·         801-804: Coverstick concealer stick

·         821A, 823A-827A: Natural Blend Pressed Powder; (822A not vegan)

·         850: Cover All Face Primer

·         861-863, 865-868, 871A – 873A: Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner; (864 not vegan)

·         875B – 876B: ProLine Felt Tip Eyeliner

·         877 – 878: ProLine Graphic Marker Eyeliner

·         879 – 880 H20 Proof Liquid Liner

·         886 MegaEyes Crème Eyeliner

·         920-922, 925-928: Wild Shine Lip Lacquer; (923 & 924 not vegan)

·         942-943, 945, 948-949: Speed Gloss Energizing Lip Shine; (941, 944, & 946 not vegan)

·         201B-218: MegaLast Nail Color

·         250A, 252B, 254B, 256B, 380B, 385B: Color Icon Eyeshadow; (246-249, 251A, 255B, 257A, 381B-384B not vegan)

·         402-469: Wild Shine Nail Color

·         815-820: Cover All Cream Foundation

·         Cover All Pressed Powder (except 821B, 826B & 827B)

·         832E-833E: Color Icon Blusher; (831E, 834E not vegan)

·         828B – 829B: Color Icon Blush (except 325B, 326B, 327B)

·         852A-857A: Ultimate Match SPF 15 Foundation

·         900B-919B: MegaLast Lip Color

·         MegaLast Liquid Lip Color (except 920A, 927A, 930A & 932A)

·         739,740, 743: Color Icon Bronzer SPF 15

·         963: Ultimate Brow Kit

·         Au Naturel Palettes: Not Vegan

·         1 Step Wonder Gel: All Vegan


The products in bold are the ones that were recently added. Let me know if you have any questions! Hopefully they update this list on their FAQs page very soon!


Note: This information was provided to me by a wet n wild beauty customer service rep, I am not 100% positive on its credibility. Please reach out to them directly for your own response. 

4 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Beauty Vegan Product List Update

    1. Hi Danielle! Vegan to me means that it has absolutely no animal bi-product. Cruelty-free means that the product has not been tested on animals. Some products can just be vegan and others just cruelty-free so it gets kind of tricky! I have a helpful info sheet on my blog if you are thinking about making the switch 🙂 Feel free to message me too! Luckily, Wet n Wild has a lot of vegan options and their whole line is cruelty-free! xo

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