Vegan Cuts February Beauty Box Review

Vegan Cuts February Beauty Box Review

Howdy! Or I guess based on today’s date I should say “Top of the mornin’ to ya!” I’m back with another Vegan Cuts Beauty Box review for you all! If you haven’t jumped on the Vegan Cuts box subscription bandwagon, now is definitely the time. They keep getting better and better every month! It is the perfect way to discover new vegan & cruelty-free beauty brands without breaking the bank. The February box was amazing! I honestly loved every single item included inside. Let’s take a look:


Featured in the February Vegan Cuts box:

100% Pure Creamstick Liner Duo in the shades Chocolate & Champagne $18 value 

The Wonder Seed Facial Cream in the scent English Daisy $16.95 value

Harvey Prince Organics mini rollerball perfume in the scent Yogini $23 value

Tara Smith Haircare Base Coat Serum $13 value

Okay so right off the bat, this box is INCREDIBLE in value! Probably one of the best boxes I have received hands down. I would much rather get fewer items with higher value than a bunch of items with less value. Want to hear my thoughts on each product? Keep reading!



So if you have read my previous Vegan Cuts posts before, you know that we have received 100% Pure items before. I wasn’t a huge fan so when I heard that this cream eyeliner duo was going to be included in this month’s box, I was nervous/excited. Turns out I actually REALLY love this! The texture is very creamy and glides on perfectly. It is a bit sheer on the application but I find it quite nice around the eyes. I have been using the Champagne side of this stick pretty much everyday as a thin liner on the top and bottom of my eye. It really makes my eye color sparkle! I also love knowing that all of the ingredients are completely safe to use, especially around my eyes! I would definitely repurchase this and even check out other colors. I have heard that this is tough to sharpen once it gets dull but I have yet to experience that so I will report back if there are any major issues. Overall, win win!



It is really no surprise that I absolutely love this product because The Wonder Seed can do no wrong in my book! You all know I am a HUGE fan of this brand and even named their Orange Hemp Shampoo my all-time favorite product find of 2015! I was thrilled to see their Facial Cream in the scent English Daisy included in this month’s box. Hemp seed oil has worked wonders for me before, but I never really tried it on my face. I immediately started putting this facial cream to the test and so far it has been amazing! I use it everyday in the morning after I cleanse and I always feel so clean and refreshed. My skin absorbs it nicely, it doesn’t leave me oily, and it smells phenomenal! Better yet, my skin looks plump and hydrated which is perfect this time of year. I will definitely repurchase this once I am out!



I have been on a major Harvey Prince Organics kick lately and I was ecstatic to see that a mini rollerball perfume was included in this month’s box. It appears that other box subscribers received different scents so I am not sure how many they were circulating but I am SO happy I got Yogini. I have been wanting to try this scent for the longest time! Upon first sniff I thought it was a little too strong for me. I know that scents usually change once they are on your body so I gave it a go a few days. It was definitely on the stronger side but mellowed out as the day progressed. The main scent that I pick up is sandalwood, which I love. I would say that this is a bold scent with more earthy tones to it. It is definitely a pretty scent for those Summer nights! 🙂 I am happy to add it to my little collection that I have started now. Be sure to sign up for HP’s email system for free mini rollerball notifications! They do them all of the time! <3



This last product was completely new to me. I have never heard of the brand Tara Smith but I am so happy that I was finally introduced! This Base Coat Hair Serum is the for real. I wasn’t expecting it to be so amazing honestly. All of the other haircare items I have tried through Vegan Cuts have been great but never felt “pro” quality. This stuff is top-notch. The serum itself is reallllly thick and a little bit goes a long way. I tried it out with damp hair, put a little in my hand, and ran it through my hair. I let it dry overnight naturally and the next day my hair felt SO smooth and almost thin-like even though I have super thick hair. You know what I mean? When like you straighten your hair for the first time and because it is so smooth it just feels lighter and looks so healthy? Yeah, like that. It was truly amazing. And let’s talk about the smell because that was incredible too! It smells soo light and fresh and herbal. It really is perfect! I am going to cherish this bottle for as long as I can! Definitely check this brand out if you haven’t already.


And there you have it! Short but sweet. It was a really well-rounded box with fantastic product selections. I literally love every single one. As I said before, the Vegan Cuts Beauty Boxes only keep getting better. I already got a sneak peek at the March box which should arrive in a few days and it’s going to be wonderful! I can’t wait to share with you. So leave me some feedback if you want me to share box reviews sooner than I have been because I have been trying to REALLY test these items out before writing but if you just want an initial impression I can certainly do that too! And maybe even in the month that the box actually arrives haha. Anywho, thank you for reading and definitely check out all of these amazing products! <3


Note: All products mentioned above were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 

2 thoughts on “Vegan Cuts February Beauty Box Review

  1. I feel like 100% Pure products are a bit hit and miss. Some are really sheer when you don’t necessarily want them to be, while others are fantastic! (I love their blushes but they seem SO expensive!) Looks like a nice box & I’m with you – quality over quantity 🙂 I like seeing the reviews. It’s not like I could still order the box if you were to post it earlier anyway! 🙂

    1. Thanks love! I agree with you on the 100% Pure products! I am hoping to try some more in the future. And thank you for the feedback on the box reviews 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying them! Xo

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