LUSH Cup O’Coffee Review

LUSH Cup O’Coffee Review


It’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of LUSH and everything that they stand for, but it is always a surprise for me when I find a new product there that I cannot live without. This Cup O’Coffee product being one of them. My boyfriend gifted this to me for Christmas (along with a few other goodies) and I was very intrigued to try it out. “How did I not know about this before?” I wondered. It’s always amazing to me when he finds a new LUSH product that I haven’t already tried. Well, he did good. Damn good. This stuff is fabulous! The first time I used it I was a bit hesitant about using too much or too little but once I got the hang of it I found a happy medium. It is the perfect consistency for all-over use and truly smells phenomenal. If you are a coffee fan, definitely pick this up!

I have known about coffee grinds’ special powers for your skin but I never actually put it to the test. After consecutive use of Cup O’Coffee, my skin was smoother, brighter, and more hydrated. You can even tell after one use! The way I used it was slather it on from neck to toe and let it “soak” a bit before actually washing it off while gently exfoliating. I never tried this as a face mask but I’m sure it would be great as that too! I found myself so obsessed with the smell that I literally craved it and couldn’t wait to shower! The coffee in it definitely gave me a little pick me up too. 😉

Here’s a closer look at what is inside:



I know that more green beauty users aren’t fans of LUSH but take it as you will. A few ingredients here do raise some concerns for me but for the most part they are natural and safe synthetics. Like with most LUSH products, this is self-preserving, so pay attention to the expiration date and don’t use it after that point because the natural ingredients will start to go bad. Fresh is always best! And trust me, this small jar will go quick once you start using it.

I can now say that I am a big fan of coffee scrubs! If you have any that you would like to recommend, please comment below. I highly recommend checking Cup O’Coffee out the next time you are at your local LUSH store or plan an order online! Hopefully, you will find that you love it just as much as I do! 🙂


Note: All products mentioned above were purchased (by my boyfriend) and reviewed honestly by me. 

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  1. I saw this a while ago and wanted to try it, but it was always sold out! 🙂 Sounds great! I’ve been using a different coffee scrub called frank for a while now and I really love it! I do the same thing – letting it soak in a bit – and my skin feels SO soft and just comfortable whenever I use it. It IS a bit messy though. How’s the Lush version in terms of getting all over the shower? Wonderful review! 🙂

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