Beautyblender Review

Beautyblender Review


Hi friends! So sorry for not reviewing as often as I normally do but the holiday craze has got the best of me. Nevertheless, things are finally settling down and I have more time to crank out some awesome reviews for you all! I have been dying to talk about the beautyblender and figured with the holidays coming up (very rapidly), now is the best time to talk about it because this beauty tool makes the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone!

If you are a girl who is into makeup, or even someone that just sticks to the bare minimum makeup products on a daily basis, you need some sort of applicator to get the job done. The beautyblender is the perfect tool for just that. Dab a little foundation or concealer on your hand and then put the beautyblender into the product and then apply to your face. You will see how amazingly easy it is to blend perfectly with the beautyblender. It does NOT absorb too much product so what you want to go on your face, really does. That is probably my favorite thing about the beautyblender! I mainly use mine to blend out concealer on my problem areas and under eye circles. In those areas, I want to make sure most of the product is applied rather than left on the applicator I am using. The beautyblender is the best tool I have ever used to get a flawless application every time.




Now, the beautyblender is amongst the most duped products on the market, but let me tell you first hand, nothing compares to the real thing. I have tried many other dupes that work just fine but they all pick up way too much product and do not move like the beautyblender does. It is seriously the perfect shape and size to get into tiny corners of your face and bends well to get over harder areas (like your nose). I was a bit surprised to feel that the beautyblender was not as soft as a previous dupe I was using but I now realize it is definitely more breathable and gets softer after the first wash. It’s really hard to explain why the beautyblender is better than the dupes out there but all I can say is you really need to experience it for yourself. Previously, I was replacing blending sponges often because they would break or rip. It is definitely worth it to spend a little more on a better quality product like the beautyblender which will last you much longer.

I think a lot of people would be surprised to hear that beautyblender is actually 100% vegan and cruelty-free! And yes, your brushes and other makeup applicators can be tested on animals. Boo! There really is no point honestly. I highly recommend checking out the beautyblender next time you are looking for a new beauty blending sponge. They also come in tons of fun colors and now different sizes as well! You can feel the beautyblender in person at your local Sephora store, or you can purchase them online at various beauty websites.

Do you have the beautyblender? What are your thoughts on this product?


Note: All products were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 

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