Vegan Cuts October Beauty Box

Vegan Cuts October Beauty Box

Hi friends! It’s that time again! I have a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box review for you and this time, I was able to give everything a good couple of tries so I can write a thorough opinion on each product. If you haven’t heard of Vegan Cuts before, they have an awesome box subscription service that sends you a few vegan and cruelty-free goodies every month (for only $19.95!) so you can get to know a lot of amazing new brands! If you read my previous Vegan Cuts Beauty Box review, you knew that I was super excited to receive the October box. After a sneak peek, I saw that they would be including a makeup brush and a cheek highlighter! This box has proved to be one of my favorites so far and I am really excited to tell you why.


Included in the Vegan Cuts October Beauty Box:

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Highlighter $15 value

Luxie Beauty Angled Makeup Brush $12 value

The Ariel Co. Hair Mask $13 value

Le Beurre Shop Shea Butter Body Cream $7.50 value

October Fields Lip Balm $3.50 value

True Moringa Body Oil $2 value



I was SO excited to see that a Jersey Shore Cosmetics Highlighter was going to be included in the October Beauty Box because I had yet to receive anything like this in a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I adore highlighters! I think they give your skin a perfect sun-kissed glow and I always get compliments when I wear them. I nearly flipped out when I heard that this highlighter has real gold flakes!! UM WHAT. That is awesome! And excuse me, but I am too posh to wear anything but real gold highlighters on my face now thank you! Haha. Seriously though, it is so beautiful. This comes in sort of lip-balm stick type tube and feels as if you are applying a lip balm on your face. That sounds gross, but it’s not. Any cream highlighter will feel similar. And you can use this as a lip balm if you want! It’s safe for the lips. It actually spreads out very well and is easily buildable. The shine is so glamorous I feel like a queen wearing it, no joke. I usually apply this to my cheekbones before I put my blush on so I can dab it out a bit with my blush brush but I can imagine spreading it out with just your finger would be great too. I can’t say enough nice things about this product. LOVE IT!



This was the other product that was featured in the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box sneak peek on their YouTube channel that I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Since I am still transitioning to a full cruelty-free makeup collection, I don’t have too many makeup brushes to use. I am so happy to now own a gorgeous angled makeup brush by Luxie Beauty! I think including a vegan & cruelty-free makeup brush in the Beauty Box is a brilliant idea and I hope Vegan Cuts continues to do so. This brush is SO freakin soft. Probably one of the softest brushes I have ever used so far. It’s said to be the perfect brush for contouring but I tend to use it just with my powder highlighters. That works like a charm!! It doesn’t absorb all of the product, just lets it sit right on top, so the product actually gets on your skin. I have had a few brushes that no matter how much product I put on them, only a little bit comes off on my face. So it’s nice to know that there is a brush out there that really works! I have been using this everyday so far and I love it more with every use!



When I noticed that two oils were included in the October Beauty Box I was curious to see the difference between the two. The Ariel Co. bottle lured me in with its mermaid-esque packaging and I found out that it’s actually a hair mask that brings out that perfect mermaid hair! And boy does it! I used this the first night I received my box because I was really excited to see how it would react with my scalp psoriasis. Oils tend to give my scalp instant relief. This felt soo nice while applying it to my scalp and smells AMAZING! I let it sit for a good 30 minutes before I rinsed it out in the shower and shampooed as normal. Afterwards my hair looked beach babe perfect and it really did bring out my natural mermaid waves. 🙂 The size of the bottle is very generous and I am excited to get a few more uses out of it. Also, my hair didn’t get that greasy look the next day so that’s a major plus! I do recommend only using a little bit though because like all oils, a little bit goes a long way! Whenever I feel like giving my scalp extra hydration, I will definitely be reaching for this.


shea butter

I always enjoy a good body butter and I could tell something in the box smelled like vanilla cupcakes so I was very excited to try the Le Beurre Shop Shea Butter Body Cream. This stuff is very creamy and literally looks like frosting to me. It is stocked full of amazing oils & shea butter so this provides a LOT of hydration to your skin. I love to use this on my hands when I feel them getting dry and it instantly brings life back to them. A tiny bit spreads really well so be sure to apply in small amounts. If you aren’t a fan of that oily feeling all day, I suggest applying this at night before bed. I tend to do that and find that I enjoy using it that way much better. I can imagine that this would be wonderful for anyone living in harsh Winter climates!


Now, October is my absolute favorite month of the year, so I was really hoping for something October related in this Beauty Box. When I saw the October Fields Lip Balm I couldn’t help but giggle and think “Clever, Vegan Cuts!” I am a huge fan of lip balm and I always apply it before bed every night. This lip balm is super moisturizing and completely safe to use on your skin. And by ‘safe’ meaning that it is free from harsh artificial ingredients so that’s a win in my book! I was hoping for something more Fall-ish in scent/flavor but that’s okay, I still really enjoy it! And it does have pumpkin-seed oil so it is festive! If you are a lip balm lover like me, definitely pick this up for your collection! Yes, collection. Because we all know that they magically disappear somewhere so you always have to get another.



As I said before, seeing two different oils in the October Beauty Box intrigued me so I was excited to test them both out. The True Moringa Body Oil comes with rave reviews and multiple uses. I decided to try this out first as a hair oil and I ran it through my damp hair after the shower. Well, I definitely used way too much so it was a bit oily the next day but it was super shiny and soft! I would recommend using a tiny amount on the ends of your hair if you are looking to use it for a hair oil, to avoid being too oily. Next, I used this on my skin. I rubbed it into my hands, arms, and elbows at night for that extra hydration. My skin instantly felt soft and the next day looked and felt way better than before. It truly does deeply hydrate your skin! The smell is amazing too, it is very refreshing! The peppermint oil provides a cool tingly effect on your skin and is calming too. I haven’t tried this on my face yet but I have heard that it works wonders for smoothing out your skin. I look forward to exploring other ways I can use this beauty oil! Be sure to check them out if you are in need of a good versatile hydrating oil this Fall!


Overall, I feel like the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box was a very well curated box. I absolutely love that a highlighter and makeup brush were included and I feel like I will get a lot of use out of all of the products. Everything was a very generous size so you really are getting an amazing value for the price you pay for the Vegan Cuts subscription. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend giving it a try! If you are a Vegan Cuts Beauty Box subscriber, what was your favorite product in the October Beauty Box? I would love to hear from you!

Note: All products were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 

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