Strobe Cosmetics Freak Show Palette Review

Strobe Cosmetics Freak Show Palette Review

Hello again! If you are a big American Horror Story fan, then I am sure you can’t wait until tonight to watch the epic premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel! Being a huge AHS fan myself, when I found out that this awesome little indie makeup brand Strobe Cosmetics had an AHS themed palette, I had to have it. Today I will be reviewing my thoughts on the “Freak Show Palette” themed after the last American Horror Story season.


If you aren’t familiar with Strobe Cosmetics, I highly recommend you check them out! It is a small indie cruelty-free makeup brand ran by this totally bombshell babe that seriously knows her stuff. I have always just drooled over all of the gorgeous pigments that she puts out and dreamed of one day owning them myself. Well, my birthday came around and I figured that I should treat myself to something special and it just so happened that a sale was going on at the same time! Woo! I was able to pick up this palette and another eyeshadow finally and now I am wondering why I didn’t grab this sooner!



Nestled inside the palette are five different foiled eyeshadows that seriously feel like silk to the touch. I feel like the size is very generous as well and previously you could only purchase these shades in the palette but now you can buy them individually too! Each shadow has a unique name based off the season of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Twisty is a gorgeous vibrant mauvey purple, Strongman is a nude with brown undertones, Monsters Among Us is a deep forest green, Conjoined is a peachy nude, and Bearded Lady is a dark brown. All vegan!! I’m a huge fan of neutrals so I felt like this would be a great addition to my collection while still adding a bit of color. See swatches below:

Artificial light vs. natural light

artificial lightnatural light

I love the foiled effect of these shadows! As you can see in my swatches they all give off a pretty nice sheen and are rather pigmented. I didn’t have too hard of a time removing the swatches with a makeup wipe but I find the shadows stick pretty well so I can get a good few hours of usage out of them. Overall, I am a huge fan and will definitely be wearing these colors this Fall!

Just announced yesterday and available starting today is the NEW Strobe Cosmetics “Hotel Palette” themed after the brand new season of AHS airing tonight! Be sure to check it out at Strobe Cosmetics! Support cruelty-free indie brands to help them grow!

I hope you all are enjoying the month of October and be sure to stay tuned for more Halloween-themed reviews this month! 🙂

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