LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Supernatural Palette Review

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs Supernatural Palette Review

Happy 1st Day of Halloween!! It’s my favorite time of the year!! For the whole month of October I will be posting Halloween “related” reviews so if you are a dark spooky vampy (& sometimes cute!) lover like me, then tune in! For my first review in October I wanted to bring to you guys the amazingly awesome and badass company, LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs! To give you a little overview on this company, they are a somewhat smaller indie brand out of Milwaukee that makes 100% vegan, talc & cruelty-free cosmetics with a unique twist. Their cosmetics and packaging are unlike anything I have ever seen! From Ouija board shaped coffin palettes to bullet shaped lipsticks there is sure to be something for all the horror beauty lovers out there.

Once I stumbled upon them on Instagram a few months back, I knew I had to own something from them soon. A lot of their colors are a bit bold for my taste but heck I just wanted something for their packaging so badly that I was ready to just buy anything! That was, until, I discovered the gorgeous Supernatural Palette. Made up of stunning neutral toned eyeshadow colors, I knew I had to have it. Now, some people may feel $35 for a makeup palette is a bit much, but after getting my hands on this I think it is totally worth every penny. I ended up waiting until around my birthday to finally place my order and the universe must have been generous to me because at the same time LunatiCK Labs announced a coupon code! So I was able to get this baby for a little bit less than normal and I am soo happy I did!

I placed my order on a Thursday night really late and it shipped the next day and arrived at my house 3 days later. Talk about amazing customer service! I thought I was going to have to wait forever so I was really excited to see this box at my door.


I’m always hesitant to order eyeshadows online because they tend to roll around in the mail and break, but this was very well packaged and I was really impressed by that. It arrived in the cute box you see above and was carefully placed in a plastic container which was then wrapped and nestled in a pillow of tissue paper. Also pictured above, is a preview of what their “Apocalipsticks” look like. SO cool!

Front Cover in better detail:


Can we talk about how freaking awesome this packaging is?! Wait it gets better.. here is what the inside looks like!


There’s so much detail that I love just staring at it sometimes and discovering new things. Like for instance, as I write this, I just noticed the two skeletons embracing in the middle. I love it!! What can you find?

Here’s a shot of those gorgeous colors a little closer:


So at first glance, I am in love. Who wouldn’t be?! Even if you aren’t a super horror fan, this is still so cool and sure to be your most unique piece in your makeup collection. They currently have another palette that you can purchase with different shades, as well as the option to create your own palette (same packaging) with a mix of their current shades. I personally think this “Supernatural Palette” was very well crafted. I love all of these shades and wear them on the daily. The formula itself has such amazing quality. It is soft to the touch, doesn’t dust too much, and applies smoothly. It’s also pretty pigmented and lasts ALL day long. In fact, in these swatches below, even after I used a makeup wipe to remove them, there was still some pigment left!

Natural light vs. artificial light swatches:


The shades are titled (from bottom swatch to top):

Invocation, Myth, Spook, Reincarnation, & Ghoulight

My favorites are Invocation, Reincarnation, & Ghoulight for everyday use. Myth is always the perfect base color too. There are so many fun looks you can create with this palette and it is a must-have for any neutral toned lovers like myself. I hope in the future to own more products from LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs and I loveee all of their Fall releases that are coming out. Definitely give them a follow on their social media to hear about any special codes or releases that are coming out! If you haven’t already, go browse their site and let me know what you get!

Thank you for reading and be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and BlogLovin’ so you don’t miss out on the fun Halloween posts I have scheduled next! 🙂

Note: All products were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 

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