Vegan Cuts August Beauty Box

Vegan Cuts August Beauty Box

Hi there! I am so happy to be back with a new Vegan Cuts Beauty Box review for you all! 🙂 Although my previous subscription ended, as you all read in my last Vegan Cuts post here, I gave a strong hint to my boyfriend that my birthday was just around the corner and I really wanted a new subscription. To my surprise, he reached out to the fabulous ladies over at the Vegan Cuts HQ and spoke with them about my blog (so sweet) and how he wanted to get a new subscription for my birthday. They were so kind to offer to send me the August Beauty Box as a gift so I could keep spreading the love with you all!! I was pretty much dying inside when I heard the news. So first off, THANK YOU to the amazing team over at Vegan Cuts for the sweet gesture! To put the icing on the cake (see what I did there? 🙂 ) my boyfriend’s procrastination came in handy when I saw that Vegan Cuts was running a special 8-month Beauty Box subscription deal (20% off offer still up!) and begged him to get it for my birthday if he hadn’t signed up already, which he hadn’t haha. SO I am thrilled to say I will be bringing you all the Vegan Cuts beauty goodness for the next 8 months too! WOO HOO!

If you are new to the idea of a beauty box subscription, I must say that Vegan Cuts is the bomb and you should totally give it a try. They curate amazing snack and beauty boxes every month that are stocked full of 4-7 cruelty-free and vegan goodies.They usually give you a sneak peek in the beginning of the month on their YouTube channel of 1-2 items in the box to come to get you all hyped up, which I love. Pretty much every box includes at least one full-sized item and the box is ALWAYS worth more than what you pay for the subscription ($19.95/mo). If you are an avid RR reader, then you know some of the boxes I have received have valued over $50! Such a deal. Also, international readers, never fear. They ship worldwide! 🙂 So let’s get into the review, shall we?

The August Beauty Box was so amazing and I remember seeing the sneak peek thinking, “I have to have this box!” Here is what was inside:


One Love Organics “Healthy Locks” Dry Shampoo- $12 value

Gleam By Melanie Mills Lip Radiance Lip Gloss in the shade “Pop My Cork”- $24 value

Kaeng Raeng Detoxfoliant All Natural Body Scrub in the scent “Lavender Vanilla”- sample

GlamNatural Hydrating Face Cream- sample

Harvey Prince Organics Perfume in the scent “Hello”- $26 value

Remember what I was saying earlier about boxes over $50 in value? Well yeah, this one sure lives up to that and then some! Such amazing value in every box!

Here are my thoughts on each product:

drshampThis was probably the one thing I was most excited about in the August Beauty Box because I have tried some products from One Love Organics before and loved them and I was really in need of a good dry shampoo. I have to say that this did not disappoint. It works really well with my hair on those second no wash hair days when I need to soak up some of the excess oils. I apply in the morning when I get up and then right before I leave the house I brush it through my hair. This smells amazing and I don’t feel like it leaves my hair feeling heavy or like I have too much product in like a few spray dry shampoos I have used in the past did. I would definitely consider repurchasing this once I run out!

gleamI was also really excited to see in the sneak peek that a lip gloss from Melanie Mills was going to be included. It looked like there were two colors going around and I am so happy that I received this perfect blushing pink called “Pop My Cork.” Fun Fact: The company I work for (model/talent agency) actually worked with Melanie before on a gig so my coworker was excited to see one of her products in this month’s box. 🙂 This lip gloss is amazing! Such high quality and really amazing ingredients too! It does not feather and is pretty thick so it lasts a good while. The pigment is perfect and soft for my skin tone too. This is a lip gloss that I would love to have in every shade!

scrubI always adore a good body scrub so when I opened up the August Beauty Box and saw this baby in there I couldn’t wait to test it out! For fear of using the product up all at once and to see how it reacted with my skin, I used this on a small area of my body at first. It felt SO moisturizing as it gently exfoliated my skin. The scent is very warm and great to use at night or perhaps in a relaxing bath. I found that it completely cleared up the dry skin on my hands and left them moisturized for a good couple of hours afterwards. This is a great scrub full of natural ingredients that I recommend all scrub lovers to check out. I look forward to using some of Kaeng Raeng’s other products in the future!

moisturizerI have to admit I wasn’t too thrilled to see a face cream in this month’s box (I have a few I have been using up) but this little guy seriously blew me away. I mean, you need to go and get this now, especially if you have dry skin. I have combo/oily skin but wow this felt so amazing and hydrating. I tested it out at night before I went to bed and the next morning my skin felt so refreshed and smooth. It is SUPER moisturizing so it’s not a cream I will be using daily with my oily skin but I am so excited to have this during the Winter months (lol Florida Winter?) when my skin tends to dry up. I highly highly recommend this! This is the first GlamNatural product that I have tried so I am very interested to see what else they have to offer!

hpperfumeLast but not least, the superstar of the August Beauty Box (in my opinion) was this full size tall spray perfume by Harvey Prince Organics in the scent “Hello.” I don’t own any vegan & cruelty-free perfumes yet so I was thrilled to see this in there. When I pick this up I smell most of the warmer notes in it like the Tahitian Vanilla, Verbena, & Musk but it does have a citrusy side to it too. This is such a pretty scent that I feel can be worn at any time of the year. With just one pump you get a lasting smell for a good majority of the day. Harvey Prince Organics is known for their amazing perfumes and I am so happy to finally own something by this amazing brand! I really love that Vegan Cuts included a perfume in the August Beauty Box and I hope that there are more included in the future!



And there you have it! The Vegan Cuts August Beauty Box was seriously one of the best that I have received thus far. I felt like it had a good mixture of new “types” of products apart from the others that I have reviewed. It really makes me happy to see they are trying to be creative and unique with each box and I am so excited to see what’s to come for the Fall boxes.

The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is the perfect way to get your hands on some new brands, especially if you are just transitioning your beauty routine to include more vegan & cruelty-free items. Every month I am always so impressed with the thought put into these beauty boxes and SO excited to be introduced to a bunch of new brands. The September Vegan Cuts Beauty Box ships out tomorrow on my birthday (yay!) and I can’t wait to get mine!! 🙂 So what you are you waiting for?? It’s not too late to sign up!

Note: These products were gifted to me by a brand representative to try and review. All opinions and thoughts above are completely honest. 

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  1. I desperately want a beauty box subscription and am currently searching for the perfect candidate – this is definitely a contender! Also, what an excellent boyfriend for doing all that for you. What a great read!

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 I highly recommend this box. I have never done a subscription service before and I am always so excited to receive this in the mail. Plus the value! It really helps if you are just starting to go cruelty-free also. 🙂 I tried the 3-month sub out first to see if I would like it so you can always just do that and see! Xo

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