Preserve Shaving Razor Review

Preserve Shaving Razor Review

Remember my post a few months back on the toothbrush I was using from Preserve? Well, I am back again to rave about this awesome company! This time, I will be talking about their shaving razors which are pretty sweet. Whether they are actually tested on animals or not, your conventional razor more than likely comes from a brand that does support animal testing. And let’s be real, do you want your money going to a company like that? I know I sure don’t! So when it came time for me to ditch my old razor, I decided to check out Preserve’s Triple Razor. They come in so many fun colors, just like their toothbrushes, so of course I had to pick purple (one of my favorite colors)!


“Made with love & recycled yogurt cups” I mean, could you get any cuter?! So I know the main question everyone is wondering is, “Does it work?” Well, yes, yes it does friends. This razor works just as well as your other store-bought razors with three blades. Although I do wish they had other options of a razor with more blades, this seems to do the trick! It provides a close shave and has a moisturizing strip so you can opt to shave with or without shaving cream. I do recommend using some sort of shaving gel or cream though (or conditioner if you are lazy like me) because these blades are SHARP and can nick you easily if you don’t have some kind of barrier in-between your skin and the blades. And dudes! This razor is for you too! Not just the ladies 😉


I love supporting brands with good ethics and Preserve is definitely one of them! All of their products are made from recycled plastics and they have a recycle program as well which encourages consumers to be environmentally conscious. Not to mention they are a 100% cruelty-free company so I know that my money isn’t going to a company that tests on animals in any form. This razor comes in a reusable travel case that was also made from renewable wood sources! There are two blades included so you have a back up when your other blade gets dull. Speaking of which, mine lasts me a few weeks before I have to change it out. I recommend keeping it in a dry area in your shower (if possible) so it doesn’t rust out.

I purchased my Preserve razor at my local Whole Foods but you can order them on Amazon or on the Preserve website too! Ditch your razor made from companies that hurt poor animals and give Preserve a try! What do you have to lose?

Note: All products were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 

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