ColourPop Haul #1

ColourPop Haul #1

Hi there! I figured I have made you wait long enough, and with the new launch of the matte liquid lipsticks, what better time to write my first ColourPop review?! Sorry dudes, this one is all for the ladies who love makeup. AFFORDABLE AMAZING MAKEUP! Seriously, if you don’t purchase something from ColourPop by the end of this review, I have done you wrong and I am sorry.

The Scoop:

ColourPop is a hip trendy cosmetics company ran by a bunch of adorable ladies out of the ever-so-popular Los Angeles, California. It is a completely cruelty-free brand with a TON of vegan options. They even list the products that aren’t vegan on their FAQ page to make it super easy to shop. All of their products are very “on trend” with the makeup industry and SUPER affordable. I mean, $5 lipsticks or “lippie stix” as they call it and $5 eye shadows that are totally out of this world. I’m sold. Now, as I have said in some of my posts before, I was never a big makeup wearer but now that I am discovering all of these amazing brands I find myself being a little more adventurous with my makeup looks these days. I don’t hate it! It has been so much fun! Below is a review of the my first ColourPop haul, and trust me, there will be many more to come. I’m addicted and hopefully you will join me on the dark side! 😉 Read below to find out my thoughts!

Before I begin, I did purchase $35 worth of items to receive free shipping and also had a $5 off coupon (THANKSBABE for those of you that want to use it too!) so here are the products from that first purchase.


My purchase included: 2 super shock shadows in the shades “Shark Attack” & “Plunge”; 4 matte lippe stix in the shades “LBB” “Lumiere” “Bichette” & “Creature”; and 1 super shock cheek satin finish in the shade “Trickery”


*Note: I also received a free super shock shadow in the shade “Birthday Girl” in celebration of ColourPop’s first birthday! This one came in super cute pink packaging! 


I feel like I got quite a good amount of product for the price I paid and I can tell that each of these will last me a while. I picked the shades I did after doing a lot of research and watching a ton of YouTube videos. I highly recommend watching a few videos before you buy just to make sure the colors will look good with your skin tone. 🙂

The Super Shock Shadows have a very unique texture to them. A lot of people have described it as “bouncy” and that really is a pretty good word to use. It reminds me a lot of children’s Play-Doh in the sense that if you push on it, it makes an indentation. It is sort of creamy but not too wet and is best applied with your finger. I find that pairing it with a primer does make them stay on all day. All of these shadows are hella pigmented too! Super gorgeous.

Here are my thoughts on each of the super shock shadows:


Shark Attack is a very pretty pinky-coral with a pearlized finish. I am in love with this shadow and the name! In fact, all ColourPop cosmetics have amazing names to them! This shadow is perfect for those light natural makeup look days as you can see in my look above.


Plunge is another light and natural beigy gold color perfect for a light makeup day or as a base/inner corner shadow. This also has a pearlized finish and comes out very sheer but can be built upon to gain more pigment. I loveee these types of colors and knew I had to have it right when I saw it.


Birthday Girl as I mentioned before, was gifted to me during a special promotion for ColourPop’s 1st Birthday celebration! I feel super lucky to have this shade since it was limited edition. It is the most gorgeous glittery gold that easily adds a pop of glamour to any look. I am saving this one for only special occasions. 🙂

The Super Shock Cheek that I wanted to try was “Trickery” and I am SO happy I bought this, I use it almost everyday! Such a pretty girly pink!! The size of this product is a little larger than the eyeshadows and was only $8. They have a few other shades too but this one is perfect for fair skin types and everyday use.


Now, on to the Lippie Stix! I tried my best to do lip swatches for you all but this is my first time so bear with me <3

I do find that these are a bit drying for me because I do have naturally dry lips. I put on a lip balm before I apply which makes it much more hydrating. I love the packaging of these lipsticks, they are thin and make it very easy to apply with precise lines. They are SUPER pigmented and will even stain your lips a little. They also last for a very long time. I find that I can go all the way until lunch and even sometimes after that if I don’t eat anything too oily. The smell of these are also amazing. They have a slight vanilla scent to them which smells so yummy, similar to that of the matte lipsticks from Milani. The only downfall to these lipsticks, in my opinion, is that they do not have the most natural ingredients, but still are not as terrible as your normal lipsticks.

Here are the first lippies that I purchased:

lumiere Lumiere: Matte formula. GORGEOUS! My hands down FAVORITE color lipstick right now. It looks amazing on all skin tones too. It is a bit of a dusty rosy mauve color that is just so gorgeous. YouTuber Kathleen Lights collaborated with ColourPop to create this and all I have to say is well done ladies, well done.

LBBLBB: Matte formula. A beautiful raspberry wine red. Can be applied lightly or heavily for a more dramatic look. This is also a collaborated lipstick with blogger “LittleBlackBoots”

CreatureCreature: Matte formula. A deep blood-red. I can’t wait to wear this in the Fall it is a perfect dark and moody color. Can be a bit spotty, make sure your lips are well exfoliated.

BichetteBichette: Matte formula. More of a classic orangey/red color. Beautiful bright bold statement. Best if paired with a lip liner.


And there you have it! My first ColourPop haul! 🙂 I am so in love with this company and everything they are doing to compete with higher end brands. They really blow them out of the water, in my opinion. The quality of these products is AMAZING for the price you pay. I can definitely see this company getting bigger and better in the future. I recommend them without reservations and cannot wait to share more reviews with you on their products! Check them out here if you haven’t already and remember discount code “THANKSBABE” will get you $5 off your purchase, or in other words, a free product. 😀

If you are a fan of ColourPop what are some of your favorite products from them? Comment down below!

Note: All products were purchased and reviewed by me honestly. I am not an affiliate of those company in any way.

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