Natural Deodorant: Meow Meow Tweet vs. Schmidt’s

Natural Deodorant: Meow Meow Tweet vs. Schmidt’s

You know how parents say that they love all of their children the same yet everyone is so different? Well, that’s how I feel about the Meow Meow Tweet and Schmidt’s natural deodorants. I love them equally, but separately. You catch my drift?

Natural deodorants that actually work are very hard to come by. So, which one is better? In the vegan and cruelty-free network, this is one of the biggest questions raised. Look no further, I am here to give you my honest opinion as I compare the two!

Meow Meow Tweet vs. Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants


So, let’s get right into it! I found out about these brands from fellow cruelty-free bloggers and heard that they were the best of the best. I tried a few other natural deodorants (Lavanila, Urban Cowboy, etc.) that are your traditional stick formula but nothing seemed to work since I am a heavy sweater. I was really hesitant to try these out because you do have to apply the deodorant with your fingers to your armpits, and let’s be real, who wants to do that? I put it off for a while but then just decided to go for it when nothing else was making the cut. I found that applying it with my fingers wasn’t all that bad and actually helped really work in the formula to the area. So if you’re scared, don’t be. Once it becomes routine you really don’t even give it a second thought!

I have been testing these deodorants out for a good few weeks now, allowing my body enough time to get used to one before switching to the other. I decided to test out both brand’s deodorant with the scent “lavender” so I could also compare fragrance strength. However, I have previously tried the Schmidt’s deodorant in the scent “Ylang-Ylang Calendula” too. (It’s also amazing) Meow Meow Tweet’s Lavender Deodorant Cream is much lighter compared to Schmidt’s but I do find that the scent lasts all day. For Schmidt’s, the added “sage” definitely makes it more potent, so if you are particularly smelly, this may be good for you.

Both have very different textures, which is why I say I love them equally, but separately. Consistency wise, I love the Meow Meow Tweet option. It is very smooth, creamy, and light. This makes it super easy to scoop out of the jar and grab a small amount to apply to your underarms. Schmidt’s, however, has the consistency of a normal stick deodorant. It is hard and needs to be scraped from the jar to get a good amount on your fingers. This was a drawback for me considering I have long nails and the formula would get caught underneath easily. I did find that the Meow Meow Tweet deodorant applied very easily too, whereas the Schmidt’s deodorant needed to be warmed up a bit on my hand before it could spread under my arms easily.

In my opinion, both deodorants are amazing at blocking out smelly odors ALL DAY LONG. My fellow Floridians know that it is hotter than hades outside in the Summer, so a deodorant that lasts all day in this heat is a miracle. I decided to give both of these deodorants the true test of time: A Disney trip. If you know Disney World in the Florida Summer, you know what I am talking about. I was shocked to find out that BOTH of them kept up with me all day long, and I didn’t need to reapply. Sure, I didn’t smell the freshest of flowers by the end of the day, but I didn’t smell of body odor either! And that’s what really matters folks. When it came time for the beach/pool test, this is where Schmidt’s succeeded. I think because it has a thicker formula than the Meow Meow Tweet deodorant, it was able to stay put in the water. I did notice that with any heavy or long periods of swimming wearing either deodorant, you do have to reapply once you are out of the water to stay fresh.

After all of my tests were complete, I saw myself leaning more towards the Meow Meow Tweet deodorant for everyday use. If I am going out somewhere where there will be a lot of outdoor activity, I will reach for Schmidt’s. But both are seriously awesome!! Unfortunately, in recent days, I have had some skin irritation from the baking soda in both formulas. It caused my skin to became very itchy and red. This is something that is pretty common for people using natural deodorants. The good news is that Meow Meow Tweet has a grapefruit scented deodorant without baking soda for sensitive skin! I purchased it immediately and cannot wait to try it out. I will be sure to post a new review or update this one once I have worn it a few times.

Both brands are pretty affordable and do offer sample sizes for you to try out before committing. Currently, the only place you can get the Meow Meow Tweet deodorant that I know of is online. Schmidt’s you can find at Urban Outfitters stores and online as well. I do see that Schmidt’s offers discount codes more often than Meow Meow Tweet so it may be the more budget friendly option of the two. Let’s not forget that both of these awesome brands are 100% vegan & cruelty-free! I love that there are SO many natural deodorant options out there that beat out your conventional deodorant brands that not only test on animals, but also include extremely harmful ingredients.

As always, I urge you to try cruelty-free! Believe me, this was the hardest for me to transition because I had been using the same deodorant for TEN YEARS!! I made it work and so can you. Do it for the animals and do it for your health! 🙂

If you have tried both of these brands, which is your favorite of the two? Have another deodorant brand you can recommend? Comment below!

Note: Samples of these products were given to me from a fellow cruelty-free blogger that I am soo thankful for! I also received a sample in the previous Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. All reviews are honestly given by me. 

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