Pacifica Rose Gold Brightening Primer Serum Review

Pacifica Rose Gold Brightening Primer Serum Review

Hiya! So this post is for all of my beauty lovers out there. If you are a follower of my blog, you know I LOVE Pacifica Beauty products! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Pacifica Rose Gold Brightening Primer Serum, a Target exclusive. Pacifica is known to have exclusive products available at Target and Ulta, compared to what they have on the Pacifica website. It’s sort of cool, sort of strange to me, because I am not used to having to shop at a few different locations to get what I need from a brand and typically you can buy everything from the brand on their website. Nevertheless, I was able to snag one of these for $15.99 at Target after I heard great reviews. Read below to find out more!


Like most makeup primers, this is ideally applied after you have cleansed your skin, and before you apply your makeup. As stated in the Target product description, this product is said to “make your makeup brighter and last longer while it revives and soothes skin.” No harsh ingredients, animal ingredients, or animal testing– so it was an all around win for me!

Now before I dive into my deep thoughts on the product here, let me first start off by saying I am someone who has combo/oily breakout prone skin. That means that my skin is dry in some areas, oily in others, and pretty oily all over by mid-day, no matter what I do. If this sounds like your skin, unfortunately, this is NOT your primer. I figured I would give it a few good tries to test it out and share my honest thoughts.

The product is said to be a “serum” but it is extremely oily and thin so be wary. It is not a thick serum primer like the one Too Faced has for example. A very tiny pump of this goes a LONG way. It is like spreading a straight up oil, or even like water, all over your face. I was honestly surprised when I first used it and thought it may have just been the heat I live in that made it so runny, but I have heard the same from others too. In effort to not waste product, it is best to just cup your hand and do one pump, then spread over your face. The scent of roses that this product has is soo nice and soothing! It does soak in very quickly and leaves a somewhat matte finish, but I didn’t feel like it smoothed my pores out completely. Makeup applies well on top afterwards and I did notice my skin was a bit brighter while using this primer, so that claim is true! 🙂

The real downside– It started out great on my skin and then about an hour or two later, I would look extremely oily. Since I live in such a hot humid climate, this was intensified. Therefore, I would highly recommend this to people with combo/dry or just dry skin. I have heard dry skin users say this is amazing for them! I was skipping a moisturizer while using this because it is very moisturizing, so that’s something to keep in mind too.

I don’t want this to sound like an all negative review, because I honestly do love this product and really wish it worked for my skin. The best advice I can give is: know your skin. If you know you are oily, save your money, this is not for you. If you are dry, this may work very well for you! I am thinking I will give it a try again in the “Winter” months here when my skin is a little drier and maybe I will like it more then.

The GOOD news– Pacifica is coming out with a version of this primer for oily skin soon! YAY! I really can’t wait to try that out and hope it works out better for me. For any of my oily skin readers, there is hope! 🙂 If you don’t know much about Pacifica already, I highly recommend checking them out. They are a very affordable, 100% vegan AND cruelty-free brand with gorgeous beauty options. Even though this product didn’t really work for me, I am still happy to support this company and love all of their ethics.

Have you tried this primer before? What are your thoughts? Comment below, I would love to hear from you! 🙂

Note: All products in this post were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 

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