Naked Turtle Sunscreen Review

Naked Turtle Sunscreen Review

Hi all! With the Summer months in my location being very brutal, it is important that I find a good sunscreen to use. I was very generously provided by a friend with these Naked Turtle Sunscreen products to test out and I am very excited to share my thoughts with you all!


Naked Turtle Sunscreen is a local Central Florida brand developed by dermatologist, Dr. Michael Gutierrez. With his patients and Florida sun in mind, he created an amazing cruelty-free sunscreen! It is jam-packed full of all-natural and healthy ingredients so you can feel rest assured knowing that your skin is soaking up good stuff. I was provided with a sample size spf 30 tube and a full size spf 8 tube. I have used both multiple times now in direct sunlight and they have worked very well for me. It is important to note that this sunscreen is water repellant not water resistant. In other words, it is best if you reapply every time you get out of the water to ensure proper coverage.

I did notice that the spf 8 formula is a bit runny compared to the spf 30. I recommend applying the spf 8 outside and in small amounts to make sure it does not get everywhere. The spf 30 is perfect for the face. It is thick, creamy, and spreads well. This sunscreen has a very pleasant scent to it too! All thanks to the natural ingredients inside. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all, and I have very sensitive skin, which is a huge plus! This is best used for your beach or pool days rather than an everyday sunscreen, in my opinion. I say that because I am not fond of that sunscreen feeling on my skin all day and this is definitely that. It also gives you that “fresh sunscreen” glow that we all know of here in Florida which may be a bit much for work indoors. I would suggest trying it out for yourself to decide! 🙂

So far, I am loving this brand and plan on purchasing a larger version of the spf 30 to keep on hand. I also think it is important to support small local brands to show them you are a fan of their ethics! You can currently purchase Naked Turtle Sunscreen products online or at your local Chamberlin’s if you are a Florida resident. They are hoping to expand to other stores very soon and it will be exciting to see where this company heads next!

What is your favorite vegan & cruelty-free sunscreen?

Note: These products were gifted to me by a brand representative to try and review. All opinions and thoughts above are completely honest. 

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