Milani Concealer and Brow Pencil Review

Milani Concealer and Brow Pencil Review

Hey guys! I have been on the hunt for the perfect concealer and brow pencil and when I saw a good website discount for Walgreens I decided to finally try out Milani Cosmetics. I wanted to find something that was reasonably priced and had been wanting to try Milani Cosmetics since I saw that they have vegan options. Typically, I try to support brands that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, but I think supporting brands that have vegan options is just as important because they are making the effort to step into that community. We need to support these brands, in my opinion, so they continue to grow that aspect of their company. Milani is a certified cruelty-free brand that doesn’t test their products on animals or hire others to do so for them. For those that are just in need of cosmetics that are cruelty-free, this brand is a great option!

Milani is a super affordable drugstore makeup brand that has really pretty products. Some of the vegan options I was looking for I could only find online so I was excited to use my discount codes for Walgreens and get these products for nearly nothing. I am always nervous to purchase products online without seeing or testing them in person, but I decided to go out on a limb here and I have to say that the colors are pretty spot on for me. I purchased the Secret Cover Concealer in “Natural Beige” and the Easy Brow Mechanical Pencil in “Dark Brown” pictured below.


Like I said before, both of these match my skin colors pretty perfectly so I was already really happy right off the bat about that. I use an e.l.f. concealer brush to apply this concealer right under my eyes to cover up those pesky circles before I apply my powder foundation.The application is very easy for me when paired with this brush, and I have yet to try it with only my fingers so that may provide a different finish. The coverage is pretty decent but it does crease towards the middle of the day so I recommend using a setting powder right after you apply. It is not a miracle-worker concealer, in other words, it did not make my circles or spots completely disappear. But it is a nice light coverage for those that typically wear minimal makeup like me. The jar is a generous size, in my opinion, and I feel like it will last me a long time. I recommend this product as a cheaper option to those high-end concealers that also produce a light finish.

The other product that I purchased is their Easy Brow Mechanical Pencil in the “Dark Brown” shade. I do have a confession that I have never used any kind of brow product before in my life. I honestly never really thought that I had to or that it would make a difference. When I was watching one of my favorite YouTubers KathleenLights do her brows I noticed that hers are a lot like mine naturally and once she had them done up I just loved the thick look it gave. There are so many different brow products out there but I figured trying out this Milani version may be the easiest at first. I use a very minimal amount of this product on a day-to-day basis and just apply it on as if it were little hairs just patching in the lighter spots. I do not draw out a brow or anything, just tiny wisps and it seems to give a very natural look while still making my brows look thicker. I am kind of surprised I didn’t get into this sooner because I really love the way it makes my whole face come together.. is that weird? haha This pencil is really great, in my opinion, but of course I really have nothing to compare it to as of yet. The tip is very nice and it is mechanical so you don’t have to sharpen it all of the time. I really love the spoolie at the other end of the pencil as well and feel that it really helps to set and blend everything perfectly. I think this is a great option for those that are just trying out brow pencils or need something that is affordable and easily attainable.

Overall, I am very happy with my Milani purchases and I hope to try out more of their vegan products! Speaking of which, I have my eye on their eyelid primer, has anyone tried that out?

If you guys want to see swatches of these products just let me know in the comments below and I would be happy to snap a few pics for you! 🙂

Note: Both products reviewed in this post were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. 

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