Method Home Products- No longer CF :(

Method Home Products- No longer CF :(

UPDATE: Method is NO longer cruelty-free!!! Please read Logical Harmony’s post here to find out why. I will no longer support this brand as long as they are testing on animals and not being transparent about it. 



Hi there! As you can see from the picture above, today I wanted to talk about the amazing brand method with you all! This brand has seriously changed the household cleaner game. All of the products I have used by them so far have all been amazing! I found the products pictured above at my local Marshalls for a discounted price, but you can also find method products at Target, Publix, Walgreens, and other main stores.

So far I have only used their hand soaps and sanitizers, but method has an abundance of household products like laundry detergent, room fresheners, body wash, antibacterial cleaners for bath and home, candles, etc. The list of products they have is really impressive. Not to mention, everything is extremely reasonably priced. When you compare it to a more well-known brand, the results are just as nice, if not better. Also, it is a major plus that all of their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free!!! Talk about a win-win. You can read more on their ethics here.

The soaps I have been using above are from their previous Fall collection but they don’t smell too Fall-y if that makes sense? So I have no problem using them now even though it is almost Summer here. The scents are all very refreshing and do not irritate my skin at all. I feel like the formula lathers very well and leaves a very nice clean feeling. The packaging is super cute as well! I picked up both of the regular soap formulas, as well as a foam soap too. Both types are very efficient and I have noticed that they have lasted me a very long time. Method also has plain-jane type of scents if that is what you prefer compared to these more perfume-y types.

If you are like me and are always on the go and somewhat of a germaphobe, then you probably have hand sanitizer in your bag and in your car and at your desk, etc. The list goes on people haha. Any who, I was so excited to see that method has hand sanitizers too because I was previously using the ones from Bath and Body Works, and well, I want to avoid using that brand anymore because their ingredients are tested on animals. I am glad I ventured out because I love these method hand sanitizers! The scent is very refreshing, isn’t overpowering, and I feel like they are pretty effective at giving my hands a quick clean. A little bit goes a long way so I can tell I will be able to hold onto these for a while. I definitely recommend giving them a try!

I was really impressed with method’s ethics once I read up on them. They are advocates of giving back to their community, being honest with consumers about their ingredients, and generating products that are good for the environment. For example, they use recycled plastics to make their bottles, and were even one of the first companies to implement the use of recovered ocean plastics! All of their bottles are made efficiently so that they use the most minimal amount of plastic possible while still making a practical product for the home. One of my favorite things about their products is that they are safe to use around pets. I don’t know about your animals, but my cat will lick anything and I hate using harsh chemicals around him in fear he may get sick. Rest assured I am not going to let him eat these products, but it is nice to know they are safe to use around the little fur ball!

When it comes to household products, why not choose the more environmentally and animal friendly option? You must know that using products with harsh chemicals isn’t good for your skin either. I highly recommend giving method a try. It is a great cruelty-free transition product that is reasonably priced and easily attainable!

Have another vegan & cruelty-free household cleaner brand that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: All products were purchased and reviewed honestly by me. All information was gathered from the method website. I do my best to research and state true facts but I encourage all readers to do research on their own as well.  

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    1. Yeah! Sadly B&BW is one of those brands that uses the cruelty-free label and yet tests each individual ingredient on animals or hires third party testing. Really sad when I found out 🙁

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