Athar’a Pure Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream

Athar’a Pure Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream

Hello again! Today I wanted to feature another amazing product I received in my May Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, the full size Athar’a Pure Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream. Sounds delicious doesn’t it? This product has seriously been so wonderful. I was really excited to give it a try after it was shown as a sneak peek to this month’s Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and it has really lived up to its hype.


The Athar’a Pure Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream is made of all natural ingredients and is completely cruelty-free! Don’t let the size of the jar fool you, a little bit of this stuff goes a longgg way! I have been using this for a few days now so I could give a proper review and it really has been helping my dark under-eye circles look brighter. I dab a tiny bit on my finger and rub it all underneath my eyes and on my brow bone before I apply makeup and it instantly adds a brightness to that area. The formula is super thick and creamy so it is very moisturizing but doesn’t create any oiliness for me at all. At first it goes on white so you do have to rub it in to really soak it into the skin but once it is dry it leaves your skin super soft. Not to mention it has an amazing coffee smell that really wakes me and my skin up in the morning!

Although the product itself is a bit small for its price, I did some more research on the company and was very impressed with its ethics, which instantly made me reconsider my thoughts that it was pricey. For starters, Athar’a Pure products are created through the inspiration of Eastern Ayurveda traditions which is the Hindu practice of alternative medicine that leads to a naturally healthier lifestyle. To emphasize that, Athar’a Pure’s ingredients are always all vegan and natural, almost natural enough to consume, although they don’t recommend it. 😉

Not only does the company help others lead healthier lifestyles through the natural products they sell (which helps the animals too!), they are also big advocates of helping the community and donate to a number of charities listed under their “About” section on their website. I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel really good to know a portion of my money is helping change lives and that companies like Athar’a Pure are doing what they can to make that happen. I wish all companies were like that!

If you haven’t already, check out Athar’a Pure here and support this amazing company! I am so happy to have found Vegan Cuts and their monthly Beauty Box subscription because yet again, they have introduced me to such a wonderful company and product! I highly recommend this eye cream to anyone that is struggling with dark under eye circles like me, both men and women. I think it will work well with all skin types and I hope you love it just as much as me. Let me know your thoughts below! 🙂

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