Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing Your Teeth

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Hey guys! So this week I wanted to highlight the vegan & cruelty-free toothpaste AND toothbrush that I have been using.

Switching to a vegan toothpaste was a little weird for me and definitely took me a while to get used to. I heard great things about Trader Joe’s toothpaste options and decided to give it a try after my old toothpaste ran out. There are two options at Trader Joe’s: an all natural paste with no fluoride and the one pictured above that has baking soda and fluoride. I decided to go with one that had peppermint oil and fluoride in it because I figured that would be the easiest to transition to. Not gonna lie, the first time I used this I couldn’t wait to spit it out. I did taste the peppermint oil but what really stood out was this overbearing salt taste. It was almost like the taste of ocean water or those salt mixtures you make when you have a sore throat. Ew. WITH that being said, it did grow on me over a few days and now I actually enjoy it. Yes, it does still taste salty to me but it’s not as overbearing as before. The baking soda has really helped whiten my teeth which I am actually very surprised about because I have used whitening toothpaste before and never saw these results. And I do feel like I am getting good protection for my teeth and an amazing cleaning with each time I brush. Overall, I would purchase this again because I am satisfied with the results so far.

When I heard that toothbrushes are tested on animals I couldn’t help but think that was absolutely ridiculous. Honestly, there is no point. Animals do not need to be caged and tortured to make sure a toothbrush works properly. COME ON PEOPLE. So I did some research and was pleased to find there are plenty of awesome vegan & cruelty-free toothbrush brands out there who are also trying to help the environment. Preserve is the brand that I decided to try first and I found that they are also sold at Trader Joe’s and you can find them at Whole Foods as well. They come in a variety of fun colors and actually work really well! Not to mention they are WAY cheaper than other toothbrush brands. The handle is curved unlike other brushes so it gives you more of a natural brush and curves to get those hard to reach places where plaque builds up. The bristles are so soft and very gentle on my gums. Not only is this brush vegan & cruelty-free but it was made out of recycled materials too! Mine specifically said it was made from recycled yogurt cups which I think is just awesome. And don’t worry, all of these things are melted and sterilized before you use them so no, you are not brushing your teeth with someone’s dirty yogurt cup. To go one step further, this company also has a recycle program and they encourage you to recycle your used toothbrush at one of their drop-off locations after you are done with them, or you can mail them back. You can find the closest drop-off location to you on their website, mine is only a few miles away at the Whole Foods store. I highly recommend this brush! The next time you need to purchase a new toothbrush, please stop to think about it and consider a cruelty-free brand like Preserve.

What are some of your favorite vegan/cruelty-free toothpastes and toothbrushes? Not ready to make the vegan toothpaste leap? Here are some other cruelty-free brand options you can try!

Happy brushing!

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