A Reasonable Introduction

A Reasonable Introduction

Hi! I’m Nicole and my last name means “raven” in German. I recently took the pledge to end the usage of animal tested products. After some hardcore research and thought, I decided to start a blog to feature my transition and encourage others to do the same!

I want to be completely honest with my readers from the start, although I am not truly vegan, I do strive to be consciously aware of what I am putting in and on my body. I am a “poultritarian” by definition and have been for the last 5 years (EDIT read update here). When it comes to animal testing for products we use, I think it is absolutely unnecessary. I also personally think it is disgusting to use animal derived ingredients in products when there are perfectly feasible plant derived or synthetic ingredients that can be used instead.

On my blog I will be discussing hot topics that circle the cruelty-free community, my transition towards using vegan and cruelty-free products, reviews on those products, and holistic/green medicinal options that have helped me. It is never too late to start. Join me?

Although I will try my best to provide honest and true information, the best way for you to learn about a company’s cruelty-free stance is by reaching out to them directly. Proud companies will be more than happy to reply. Please feel free to email me or comment below with any questions you may have!

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